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Motrike- Your Reliable Food Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is a high-professional manufacturer and factory of food bikes. We can offer high-quality food bikes with different designs. In 18 years of expertise, we are a popular and trusted manufacturer that can provide extraordinary food bikes. Motrike is the perfect choice to have a reliable food bike!

Why Motrike 2 Person Surrey Bike

  • Manufacture high-end food bikes
  • Fully support for your folding food bikes needs
  • Provide a great food bikes solution
  • 18 years of manufacturing experience

Quality Food Bike manufacturing

Motrike is your professional manufacturer and distributor of an outstanding food bike. Our company bears a good reputation in the name of food bike production. We have this huge capacity to establish one-of-a-kind food bike peripherals that are essential for your business. We give all our efforts just to provide you with the best selection of food bikes.

Our company was mainly involved not just in manufacturing food bikes but also distributing them throughout the country. Motrike’s food bike was originally made from high-class product materials and can endure for longer use. Don’t hesitate to send us your preferable food bike.

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Motrike-Your Reliable Food Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is a professional and well-experienced manufacturer of food bikes. We have a great capacity in producing a high-standard food bike. Motrike has a lot of food bikes with different designs and styles. Motrike can produce an ideal and desirable food bike.

Motrike food bike is very user-friendly and it has a professional design. If you are seeking an easy-to-use food vehicle for your business, Motrike food bike is perfect for you. Motrike food bikes come in a unique appearance which is best to use in business applications.

Motrike food bikes are applicable in different food businesses like street foods, coffee, ice creams, and many more. Motrike food bikes are available in different sizes and we can provide them according to your needs. Motrike food bike is very easy to move which means that you can relocate it quickly in different places.

Motrike food bike passed with different certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and CCC. Motrike has a strong technical force, advanced equipment, reliable quality, flexible operating mode, and strict quality control system that helps us to produce high-quality food bike products.

 With an experienced and expert team, Motrike can manufacture a food bike with the highest quality. We are the professional exporter of food bikes in different countries. We are committed to providing a unique and useful food bike. Motrike can build functional vehicles and riding products, specifically the food bike.

Motrike became a world-leading manufacturer and factory of food bikes. In 18 years of experience, we store and learn different strategies and techniques in manufacturing processing that enables us to produce a high-end food bike.

We always pay attention to the design and quality of every food bike to ensure the good performance of every vehicle. For business and personal applications, Motrike can provide an ideal and suitable food bike

If you are interested in our food bike products, you can send us your inquiries. You can reach us anytime!

What Does a Food Bike Mean?

food bike is non-motorized, common business vehicle used by street sellers, selling various food products.

Unlike with other commercial vehicles, a food bike must be exerted with manpower for its movement.

However, it is ideal for selling coffees, snacks, ice creams, juices, desserts, and other delicacies. 

Figure-1 Food Bike

Figure-1 Food Bike

What Defines Food Bike from other Bicycles?

Food bikes must have the following design qualities to have the most revolutionary impact:

  • Self-sufficient.

Constructed in such a way that one people could handle the food bike even without the help of others,

  • Comply with the law.

In terms of public health measures, it complies with local health and safety requirements.

  • Efficient Capital.

Served to customers for a fraction of the cost of a food truck.

  • Secure.

Food bikes are not more comprehensive than a bike lane. And have adequate brakes and lights when riding on the roadway.

  • Ergonomic.

The power and length of the food bike should allow the user to explore. 

  • Cultural.

The food bike’s and trailer’s design fosters contact between the chef and the customer.

What is the Purpose of a Food Bike?

Food bikes are a low-cost, low-impact solution for food vendors that helps them earn more sales.

Besides, food bikes are a safe, legal, and low-footprint alternative to food trucks.

Figure-2 Food Bike

Figure-2 Food Bike

Why Food Bike is Suitable for your Food Selling Business? 

Several highlights of having a food bike business, including:

  • food bike is fantastic way to get your dream business off the ground.
  • Starting costs are low.
  • Food bike sales are an existing business idea that also has beneficial effect.
  • You have the option of working whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Being able to be your boss is a valuable asset.
  • The trend of street food is gaining in popularity.
  • Food vending is a method for individuals to be self-sufficient, joyful, and make a respectable income.
  • You may offer your food at various occasions such as weddings, church meetings, and sporting events.

What are the Common Advantages of Food Bikes?

Most of the food bikes come in various lengths and widths. It builds up from high-durability, long-lasting and compact materials.

Food bike is highly advantageous in any of your food business careers. It has the most attractive layouts and designs that leave a satisfying impression on all customers.

It is excellent in your different selling destinations. Food bikes are easy to maneuver. It does not require any cost for maintenance.

Food bike is also ideal for specific events or occasions. You are always in the customers’ favor. Besides, food bikes give you fun and enjoyment while meeting old and new customers.

What are the Primary Components Does a Food Bike Have?

  • Large storage tank and the main box. This is where you can keep and store all your food products.
  • A bike frame built from pure aluminum alloy is necessary for improving the resistance of your food bike. 
  • Folding shelf 
  • Water system and food equipment

Figure-3 Food Bike

Figure-3 Food Bike

What are Some Features of a Food Bike?

Food bikes has a unique performance and features such as:

  • High strength
  • Is capable of carrying higher loads capacity
  • Easy for any cleaning and repair maintenance
  • It specializes in having compact and hardness surfaces
  • Weather-resistant
  • Anti-fouling
  • Power outlets are optional.
  • Cases with many applications

How to Maintain a Food Bike?

To avoid any discomfort or accidents, it is essential to examine and inspect the general condition of your food bike on regular basis.

To do this, you need to review some of its major and minor parts, just like the:

  •  Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Chains
  • Bolts
  • Spokes
  • Storage box and tank
  • Side wheels 
  • Bearings
  • Food standee
  • Frames
  • Display areas

Practicing these simple maintenance makes you a responsible owner.

You can quickly determine the defective parts of your food bike, depending on what part is needed to repair and replace.

Figure-4 Food Bike

Figure-4 Food Bike

How Much Does a Food Bike Cost?

A food bike is a cost-effective way to test concepts or launch many sites at once.

Your running costs will be meager because there are no taxes, no gasoline, or automotive or truck registration.

The food bike costs depend on a lean and green enterprise that runs on electricity or pedal power.

Consider how much money you’ll save on maintenance after you’ve saved on your first ticket purchase.

What are the Different Models of Food Bikes?

Food bikes, may be customized in a variety of ways. You may alternate between ice cream, coffee, etc.

  •  Classical food bike
  •  Street vending trike food bike with a large box
  •  Commercial catering food vending cart bike
  •  Street mobile business luxury food bike
  •  Street portable smart food bike

How Long Does a Food Bike Last?

The services of operating a food bike depend on how you use it.

If you use your food bike properly, clean and inspect all its parts regularly, it may even extend its service life.


Food bikes are must-have for entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their food business. It is practically affordable, less maintenance, and advantageous for long-term services.

Food bike designers are primarily concerned with quality, ergonomics, and design. Most food bikes keep up with the latest technical developments on the market.

It is flooded in different places. You can see other food bikes displayed in various streets, spots, and public places everywhere you go. 

This guide will somehow teach you to choose the right food bike for your present and future business. 

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