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Motrike- Your Reliable Folding Recumbent Trike Manufacturer

Motrike is a famous and reachable manufacturer of folding recumbent trikes. We have plenty of designs for our folding recumbent trike. At Motrike, you can find a lot of choices of functional and good condition of folding recumbent trikes at affordable rates. Count on Motrike!

Why Motrike Folding Recumbent Trike

  • Manufacture a folding recumbent trike with a unique design
  • Rich experience in manufacturing of folding recumbent trike
  • Will support your small to large orders
  • Can truly meet the international standard

Quality Folding Recumbent Trike Manufacturing

Motrike is a quality folding recumbent trike manufacturer and factory. We have a full capability to manufacture a high-end folding recumbents trike with great designs and appearance. Motrike has 18 years of experience in folding recumbent trike production lines.

Motrike can produce various types of recumbent trike, particularly the folding recumbent trike which absolutely meets various industry standards. We can manufacture a reliable folding recumbent trike with a long lifespan. Send us your ideal folding recumbent trike!

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Folding Recumbent Trike

Motrike is a professional folding recumbent trike manufacturer that can provide excellent products. If you are looking for an ideal folding recumbent trike and other types of the recumbent trike, Motrike is the best option for you. We have a wide selection of folding recumbent trikes to offer for you and for your business.

Motrike folding recumbent trike is one of the popular recumbent trikes which is comfortable to use. It has a great and stable performance that makes them perfect. The folding recumbent trike has enough support for the back and buttocks.

Motrike folding recumbent trikes enable you to have gentle and stable rides. This type of trike has a folded frame that allows you to fold your recumbent trike quickly and easily. If you want to ride in a relaxing way, a Motrike folding recumbent trike is the best solution for you.

The folding recumbent trike of Motrike is absolutely made of reliable and solid materials which assure the best performance in every ride. Motorbike folding recumbent trikes come in a variety of sizes, styles, designs, and features that may be applicable for adults and kids.

Whether you need a trusted manufacturer for your folding recumbent trike needs, Motrike is always happy to serve you. We are working with professional staff and manufacturing workers to produce a perfect folding recumbent trike.

We provide a folding recumbent trike with the features of high hardness, strong adhesion, and elegant appearance.  Motrike is a reputable folding recumbent trike manufacturer and factory. Our folding recumbent trike features longevity and durability. Motrike offers functional and out of ordinary folding recumbent trike products.

Motrike company has a complete department system, production department, and design department. We always provide satisfying folding recumbent trike products and services. Product quality and reliability are our focal points. We have the best record of our quality products and after-sale service.

If you are planning to import or purchase a folding recumbent trike, Motrike is the perfect option for you. If you choose us as your prominent supplier, you are working with the right and professional company. We provide convenient transportation as well as the remarkable advantage of recumbent trike industry base.

We are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of recumbent trike. We are striving to maintain extreme competitiveness. We got an ISO, SGS, RoHS, and many more certifications.

We are the reachable team that can support your urgent folding recumbent trike orders since we have 24/7 online support to entertain any of our client’s inquiries.

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