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Motrike- Your Expert Fat Tire Quadricycle Manufacturer

Motrike specialized in manufacturing all types of fat tire quadricycle for over 18 years. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier in China, Motrike strives to give you multiple fat tire quadricycle solutions with custom design, color, and printing. Find the best fat tire quadricycle only in Motrike!

Why Motrike Fat Tire Quadricycle

  • 18 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • High Reputation in The Industry
  • 10 Years Extended Warranty for All Fat Tire Quadricycle
  • Strong Supply Chain

Fat Tire Quadricycle Manufacturing

Motrike is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of fat tire quadricycle in China. We are a leading supplier of fat tire quadricycle to the top brand companies around the world. With our years of experience and delivering quality products, Motrike fat tire quadricycle gained an excellent reputation in both domestic and international markets.

We can supply different models of fat tire quadricycle to meet your most demanding needs. Motrike has thousands of fat tire quadricycle molds to custom your ideal fat tire quadricycle designs. Send us your detailed requirements now!

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Fat Tire Quadricycle

Looking for a lightweight and durable fat tire quadricycle for your business? You’re scrolling to the right place! Motrike is over 10 years in providing high-quality fat tire quadricycle according to our customer’s requirements.

Motrike fat tire quadricycle is durable and lightweight since it’s constructed from an aluminum alloy frame. We offer different models of fat tire quadricycle with many different colors, designs, and custom printings.

Your customers will definitely be getting fun with the Motrike fat tire quadricycle because it has many features that are beneficial to any application. It comes with 3 adjustable systems including compression lockout, damping, and air pressure adjustment.

Our fat-tire quadricycle provides extra stability. We make sure that Motrike fat tire quadricycle can handle most of the terrains because it has rear two powertrains. Aside from that, it offers additional cargo capacity and good ground clearance for touring.

Motrike is a worldwide supplier of fat tire quadricycle, suitable for use in beach, off-road, snow, and sand. Custom your fat tire quadricycle according to your own specifications now! We have an experienced R&D team to fully support your brand name.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we focused on supplying high-quality fat tire quadricycle with a long-term warranty. Aside from our fat tire recumbent quadricycle, we also have recumbent trike kits, surrey bike, party bike, rickshaw bike, cargo bike, and more.

For more details about Motrike fat tire quadricycle, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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