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unit for more than 18 years. Family cargo bike available in different unique features. During these years, Motrike has sold a different units to more than 80 countries. Send us your detailed requirement and get an instant quote.

Why Motrike Family Cargo Bike

  • 100% support on your family cargo bike development
  • 10-years quality assurance for bike metal frame
  • Professional design& development team
  • Strict quality manufacturing control

Quality Family Cargo Bike Manufacturing

For over 18 years, Motrike is dedicated to providing high-quality family cargo bikes. We are committed to creating new design unit that meets market trend. We strictly select the suppliers and top spare part brands for your family cargo bike. Motrike ensures that you receive the perfect product.

Motrike also supports your unit customization., from metal parts, style, printing, and features. We have a professional design team to turn your drawings into reality. We can provide a step-by-step video guide and a detailed manual for usage and maintenance. Let Motrike satisfy your needs now.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Family Cargo Bike 

Motrike is one of the leading family cargo bike manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are offering a family trike bike providing unparalleled performance. Whether you’re looking for a perfect vehicle for your family, or to enhance your drop-shipping business, Motrike family cargo bike is your #1 solution.

Motrike manufacture and supply family cargo bike allows a family to travel easily, and even more fun. Ideal for shopping, school, playing with friends, and many others.

Motrike family cargo bike is also useful for transporting goods, especially when cars can’t go. You can guarantee bike quality as each of our bikes has been tested thoroughly before leaving the factory.

The Motrike family cargo bike features a lowered seating position. It has a sturdy and adjustable 3-point belt that provides children safety for every ride. There are also expanded polypropylene (EPP) box that protects your cargo.

If you are looking for a family cargo bike for sale, Motrike is your ultimate source. We have been developing safe and affordable cargo bikes for over 18 years. We are selling products to more than 80 countries., including Germany, the US, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and the UK.

At Motrike, we are creating solutions for all people, especially those families with children with special needs. We have an advanced family cargo bike that makes entering and exit easier. We are committed to supporting you with your personal and business needs.

There is an extensive range of family cargo bikes we offer, including electric family 3 wheel cargo bikes, luxury family front-loading cargo bikes, pedal electric bakfiets 2 wheel family cargo bikes, and so on. You can surely find the best cargo bike from our collection.

If ever you can’t find the design to suits your requirements, we can customize the family cargo bike according to your specific needs. With a professional design team, we can tailor products to fulfill your demand. We are dedicated to delivering products that satisfy your needs.

We have strict quality control to ensure that your family cargo bike spare parts are durable and reliable. The bike is assembled and adjust before ship out to ensure that you’ll receive a perfect product.

Motrike can 100% support your installation and maintenance needs. All your after-sales worries, we will address that. You can get in touch with us immediately, email us at or call us at +86 (800) 123 456 789. With a long-term warranty service, we will ensure all your problems with the trike will be solved.

You can order a Motrike family cargo bike from 1 pc to any of your required order quantities. In just a short period of time, your purchase will be delivered to your door.

If you are interested in our family cargo bike, please feel free to contact us today. We have a 24/7 online sales team to accommodate your request.

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