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We are your one-stop shop electric cargo trike provider in China. Motrike is the best solution to help you win more customers. We produced a wide range of electric cargo trike to meet your needs. Purchase now our entire selection of electric cargo trike and find the best one for you.

Why Motrike Electric Cargo Trike

  • Over 10 years of manufacturing industry
  • Fully customized electric cargo trike as per special request
  • Excellent design and robustly constructed
  • Quick lead time according to your urgency orders

Electric Cargo Trike Manufacturing

Different types of custom electric cargo trike can be produced with the help of our expert engineers and vast experience employees. Our own version of electric cargo trikes is available in many sizes, designs, colors, and models. Motrike has the latest manufacturing capacities to urgent your electric cargo trike needs.

With over 10 years of experience, we ensure that you can get satisfied with our products. As a leading manufacturer in China, the final inspection of every electric cargo trikes is realized. Our team will prepare your orders fastly and provide same-day service.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Electric Cargo Trike

Motrike is a full-line supplier of electric cargo trike in China for over 10 years. We are committed to supplying high-quality electric cargo trike worldwide. At Motrike, custom & standard designs, expediting services, and thousands of available molds are accessible for competitive rates.

Motrike electric cargo trike comes with different configurations. Whether you need a longtail or front box electric cargo trike type, Motrike got you covered! This front-loader trike also known bakfiets is designed to suspend the cargo box between the front wheel and the rider. While the longtail extends the rear of the trike to cater more gear and bodies.

Here in Motrike, we’ve manufacture different types of electric cargo trike to meet your different needs. Our electric cargo trike is eco-friendly, easy to store with a flexible bike rack, good for health, affordable, and practical.

Our team designed a protected and safe electric cargo trike, suitable for groceries, children, or luggage for a camping trip. It comes with an adjustable stem, set, and other configurations to suit any preferences.

As a top manufacturer in China, we provide an electric cargo trike with features of strong adhesion, elegant designs, and high hardness. Motrike is a full-line distributor of electric cargo trike, known for its durability, functionality, and longevity.

We strive to give you a satisfying quality electric cargo trike since we adopt a complete department system, design department, and production department. Motrike, a 10-year company, specialized in manufacturing Motrike electric cargo trike with full certifications.

Motrike electric cargo trike is inspected one by one to check the quality before we ship. If you have any special requests for your electric cargo trike, Motrike owns thousands of available molds to produce custom electric cargo trike according to your details.

Motrike is a leading manufacturer and supplier of almost all cargo bikes including electric cargo trike, 2 wheel cargo bikes, 3 wheels electric cargo bikes, family cargo bikes, and many more. Aside from cargo bikes, we also manufacture delivery bikes, party bikes, rickshaw bikes, surrey bikes, recumbent trike kits, and many others.

Whether you a distributor, supplier or factory that needs a high-quality electric cargo trike, Motrike is your reliable partner. You are cooperating with the right and professional company.

We are a team of experts that can help your business grow. Please don’t hesitate to reach out on us!

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