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Motrike can lower your cost to get your desired selections of delivery bikes. Our 18 years of experience made us expert and trusted in supplying a lot of delivery bike stocks base on your requests. Our perfect solutions for your expandable business can help you easily handle your purchase process.

Why Motrike Delivery Bikes

  • More than 18 years of manufacturing experience
  • Handle fast yet quality products and meet your requested time
  • Popular and professional delivery bike designs
  • 10 years warranty for your delivery bike orders

Quality Delivery Bikes Manufacturing

Motrike is a trusted manufacturer of delivery bikes for more than 18 years. We have full capability to ensure your request and fully support your expandable business. We have a wide range of delivery bike selections to offer for you at the very lowest price offer.

We, Motrike professionally made delivery bikes with tested and popular spare parts and materials for different delivery bike components and other parts. Our complete equipment helps the faster process. We have different processing machines and convenient factory space.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Delivery Bikes Manufacturer

Are you looking for cost-effective and large orders of delivery bikes in China? Motrike can meet your special requirements.

Motrike delivery bikes are affordable and help deliveries faster and secured. It doesn’t stack in the traffic and the most efficient way to deliver all types of parcels. This is a practical choice for all types of deliveries. It is perfect for food deliveries, parcels, and more available in different styles and sizes.

Motrike delivery bikes are affordable that lowers business cost and save money. Aside from saving money, it is more advantageous for the safest and fast deliveries. It is perfect for different food deliveries such as desserts, drinks, snacks, and more that surely need of many especially these days.

Our delivery bikes are made of tested and high-class materials and made with famous spare parts and other parts such as seats, wheels, paddles, brake, brake cables, frames, rims, spokes, and more. You can consider heavy-duty cargo delivery bikes for different delivery purposes. It is made of stainless steel cube from small capacity to large capacity heavy-duty cargo delivery bikes.

Motrike delivery bikes are customizable. You can choose pedaling and electric delivery bikes with customizable boxes. It is made of stainless steel and other materials according to your style and type of box. This is suitable for any location flexible for streets and cities.

Motrike delivery bikes are eco-friendly that able to reduce your miles of drive and able to short-cut to reach the target locations. It saves money as well since you don’t have to spend money to buy gasoline for daily deliveries.

Delivery bikes have a big help in the industry, especially to individuals. A lot of business needs this delivery bikes for their personal benefit. Motrike delivery bikes are healthy for drivers. Aside from all of that, Motrike delivery bikes are faster than other deliveries at all times.

In this industry, Motrike has 18 years of experience that made us known and well-trusted. We ensure our quality delivery bikes to supply and ensure the packaging all the time. Before we pack your orders, Motrike ensures the quality from function, appearance, and more.

We professionally made delivery bikes that passed the audits that made us certified internationally. We received different certifications. You can trust Motrike to supply excellent delivery bikes whether you are starting a small business. You can request small orders to test the quality.

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What Does Delivery Bike Mean?

A delivery bike is a human-powered bicycle used by couriers to deliver ordered food or packages.

To all customers in particular residencies and areas. 

Delivery Bikes

Figure-1 Delivery Bikes

What are the Essential Factors that Relate to Delivery Bikes?

Delivery bikes stand as the most effective method in speeding up the delivery and distribution of foods, packages, or parcels.

Here are the following factors that likely relate to the operation of delivery bikes:

1. Implements Fast Delivery

The delivery bike is capable of complying and conducting all sorts of deliveries at the fastest period.

It is not able to experience any delays and disruptions of all orders. 

2. Affordable

Delivery bikes are a low-cost and practical option for getting your product in a short time. 

3. Convenient

Delivery bikes are fitted to carry several orders in different loads of weight.

It has enough spaces where all your products are safely secured.

4. It does not involve any traffic congestion.

Delivery bikes are lighter that makes it impossible to encounter any troubles.

What is the Advantage of Delivery Bikes?

Though delivery bikes are likely underrated in reality, yet have a lot of essential advantages compared with other delivery freight. 

  • It permits in car-free areas.
  • Delivery bikes lessen overcrowding.
  • It open enough spaces for all people.
  • It minimizes any negative environmental issues, just like air pollution and carbon footprints, as it never releases harmful gases, smoke, or fumes.
  • Practically inexpensive
  • It does not require any fuel and maintenance funds.
  • Delivery bikes do not have any limitation of any deliveries. 
  • Riding a delivery bike does not require any driver authorization.
  • It makes an employee more productive, healthy, and fit.
  • It helps to make small businesses more prosper. 
  • It can handle any delivery packages. 
  • Delivery bikes can easily pick up all your packages and deliver them to your designated areas. 

 Delivery Bikes

Figure-2 Delivery Bikes

What are Some Limitations of Delivery Bike?

Despite the advantages, delivery also has limitations with its services. 

  • Delivery bikes are incompetent since it has no mechanical power.
  • Its power range is visibly shorter compared with mobilized vehicles. 
  • It cannot be able to arrive faster.
  • It does not work to carry tons of heavy loads.
  • Delivery bikes are prone to possible stealing and theft.
  • Driver fatigue
  • Delivery bikes are seasonal.

What are the Different Types of Delivery Bike?

The delivery bike comes in different types that are perfectly suitable for your other delivery purposes.

  • 3-Wheel Delivery Bike

It is a non-motorized delivery bike built with 3-wheels and provides efficient, safe, and secured deliveries. 

  • Electric Delivery Bike

Electric delivery bikes refer to motorized bicycles that join with electronic and mechanical power support.

It is highly convenient to perform rapid deliveries. 

  • Grocery Delivery Bicycle

It is a great delivery bicycle intended for grocery uses.

Grocery bikes are simple to maneuver, balanced, and excellent for any grocery delivery. 

  • Cargo Delivery Bike

A cargo delivery bike also refers to a freight bike.

It is a three-wheeled bike that creates with electrical support.

Some big courier companies majorly use it for their last miles distance deliveries. 

 Delivery Bikes

Figure-3 Delivery Bikes

What are the Factors to Consider While Purchasing Delivery Bike?

It is essential to have robust and efficient delivery bikes for you o fully accomplish your task in a shorter time.

But there are certain factors you want to think of before selecting a delivery bike:

  • Think of what type of deliveries you are working
  • Considering the areas where you are supposed to deliver your packages
  • Right range and dimensions
  • Make sure that it supports heavy or prolonged deliveries
  • Maintenance 
  • Determine if it resists in different weights

How Much Does a Delivery Bike Cost?

Delivery bikes are less expensive compared to motorized vehicles.

Though it is considered the cheapest delivery medium, it can still work, like other standard delivery vehicles. 

How Long does a Delivery Bike Last?

The delivery bike is intended to be valid for years. 

Engineers intentionally build delivery bikes with their most robust composition for them to serve more than expected. 

The life of a delivery bike also depends on how the user uses it correctly.

If it is constantly undergoing regular maintenance, then expect that your delivery bike will last longer. 

 Delivery Bikes

Figure-4 Delivery Bikes


Delivery bikes serve as the essential tool in any delivery platform. It is the most affordable vehicle that local delivery companies commonly use. Besides, it is more environmentally friendly compared to standard delivery motors. 

Delivery bikes are powered through human force. But engineers used particular instances to configure delivery bikes powered with both auto-mechanical and human strength.

The delivery bike has used compact and high durability materials, which are intended for long-term services. 

However, it also has distinct and custom designs that perfectly suit your specific deliveries. 

Reading this whole guide will practically give you the right direction in selecting a delivery bike for your business. 

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