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Find great custom recumbent trike popular in the market with Motrike. We have high-class designs and types of recumbent trikes customized with your own ideas. We can be your long-term partner for your custom recumbent trikes next purchase.

Why Motrike Recumbent Trike

  • Popular custom recumbent trikes designs
  • Use famous and finest spare parts
  • Stylish and eco friendly
  • Safety and fast shipment base on your request transport

Quality Recumbent Trike Manufacturing

Motrike manufactured custom recumbent trike for more than 18 years gaining a lot of customer’s trust and have a good reputation in building perfect relationships. Our custom recumbent trike made with popular and outstanding quality materials and spare parts.

We professionally made custom recumbent trike presents our perfect recumbent trike appearance like polishing, finish, colors, and more. You can request or give your custom recumbent trike ideas or get our suggested popular designs.

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Recumbent Trike design

Why Motrike Custom Recumbent Trike

Searching for trusted and certified custom recumbent trike supplier and manufacturer in China? Motrike is one of the well-trusted and reliable producers worldwide.

Motrike custom recumbent trike is also called recumbent tricycle which riders will sit laid back and the feet on the front position. This is a three-wheeler custom recumbent trike used for wide purposes accessible in different styles and colors.

Motrike custom recumbent trike has a lot of advantages such as touring, farm use, and more. It is more comfortable with a wide seat with great back and shoulder support.

Our custom recumbent trike is low on the ground so it is far from risk. When choosing the right custom recumbent trike, Motrike can suggest the best offer from our selections. You can also design your own custom recumbent trike and send your drawing.

We have great ex[ereince that you can trust for your custom recumbent trike orders. We proudly present our excellent production and welcome your scheduled visit. We used high-quality and popular materials for your custom recumbent trike orders. Our spare parts are popular which provides a long life span to your custom recumbent trike orders.

Send your inquiries and get your desired customizations at a faster process.

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