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Motrike is your one-stop coffee bike provider in China. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality coffee bike for over 15 years. We offer a wide selection of coffee bikes according to their standard design, sizes, and colors. You can choose from our selection or you can customize the coffee bike according to your special needs.

Why Motrike Coffee Bike

  • Custom and standard coffee bikes
  • Over 15 years of manufacturing coffee bikes
  • Long-term warranty
  • Can be supplied worldwide

Coffee Bike Manufacturing

Motrike has vast expertise and background in supplying and manufacturing premium quality coffee bikes. Our company utilizes an advanced manufacturing process for a coffee bike such as CNC, drilling, machining, and more.

As a 15-year premier coffee bike manufacturer, our products have been exported to different countries, including Spain, the United States of America, Africa, Italy, Poland, and Mexico.

And also, we can customize coffee bikes according to our client’s requirements. If you have any special request for custom coffee bikes, you can send us your requirements right away!

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  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Coffee Bike

Are you looking for a high-quality coffee bike to support your business? Searching for the best coffee bike manufacturer and supplier is not easy at all. You need to consider whether this manufacturer has years of experience, expert designers, professional employees, and advanced manufacturing capacities. In short, choose Motrike.

Motrike has rich experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality coffee bikes worldwide. We are the best solution when you need high-quality, outstanding design coffee bikes for your business.

Motrike offers the most sustainable coffee bike in the world. Our Motrike coffee bikes are battery operated, designed to match your needs as a mobile cafe.

As a 15-year premier coffee bike manufacturer in China, Motrike specialized in producing all types of coffee bikes. Whether you need a classical coffee bike, functional 3-wheel coffee bike, street vending mobile luxury coffee bike, Motrike got you!

We manufacture sustainable, technologically advanced, and the most innovative coffee bikes in the world. Whether you’re searching for fresh experiential marketing or to start a mobile café/restaurant, Motrike can help you turn your dreams into reality.

All of the coffee bikes we offer release zero carbon emissions and are eco-friendly. Plus, we provide personalized coffee bikes to meet your exact business needs.

To meet your different needs, our team designed coffee bikes with plenty of storage, an option to upgrade to pedal-assist, and a sink equipped. These Motrike coffee bikes are perfect for your mobile espresso bar or other business-related.

If you have a new business idea or already established, the Motrike coffee bike is the right solution. We have multiple standard designs of coffee bikes for you to choose from. And also, we can customize coffee bikes as per request. Just send us your details now!

Motrike coffee bikes are very popular in the market. In fact, this product gained excellent feedback from our clients and customers. Being one of the top manufacturers in China, we own in-house tooling manufacturing that really helps your local business.

Motrike is one of the best manufacturers of almost all types of coffee bikes including coffee bicycle cart, coffee tricycle, cold brew coffee bike, mobile coffee bike, coffee vending cart, and espresso tricycle. 

Not just high-quality coffee bikes, but we also offer different types of recumbent bikes, party bikes, cargo bikes, delivery bikes, vending bikes, and so much more.

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or planning a new business, then Motrike coffee bikes are right for you. For more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

Coffee-Bike: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you have any idea what a Coffee-Bike is?

This study FAQ guide will probably answer all of your related queries in a clear and precise manner.

It includes information on the definition, use, materials, advantages, features, benefits, application, and other aspects of a Coffee-Bike.

Read on to learn more about the Coffee-Bike.

What is a Coffee Bike?

The Coffee-Bike is the ideal full-value mobile coffee business.

Requiring minimal space and offering outstandingly cheap capital investment.

A quality interested parties maker and specifically made coffee grinder, a juice squeezer, enough storage, and other amenities are included.

Figure-1 Coffee Bike

Figure-1 Coffee Bike

How Does a Coffee Bike Work?

Depending on the model, a coffee machine can run on gas or electricity.

A coffee machine with a gas installation and a built-in water pump, whether manual or electric.

A coffee machine is fastened to the top for added security and stability.

What are the Features of a Coffee Bike?

Below are some features of a standard coffee bike.

  • Designed with Strong Wheels

This coffee bike is designed with 21 inches of a strong wheel.

It can move safely and comfortably.

  • Has a Folding Top

The coffee bike has about 55cm hiding top for increased working space.

  • Firm Bike Frame

It is composed of double tube frames and solid constructions for secure and consistent driving.

You can also select your desired paint color for frames.

  • Large Pushing Handle

These large pushing handles make riding on a coffee bike easier. 

The handle is usually made up of stainless steel that can endure even the distanced trips.

  • 4m Turning Radius

The coffee bike has a turning radius for easy street crossing. 

  • Has a Hydraulic Brakes

A hydraulic brake assures strong and safe coffee bike driving.

  • Coffee-Bike Box

A coffee bike box is available in stainless steel and waterproof plywood material. 

  • Waterproof Fabric Roof

A waterproof fabric prevents mechanical damages.

The fabric is also available in various colors. You can customize your logo on it.

  • Side Shelves

The side shelves are ideal for accessories spaces. 

It ensures standing products stability.

  • Folding Side Covers

Folding side covers are formed for easy storage making. 

  • Coffee Machine

This coffee machine has installed gas and a built-in water pump. 

  • Folding Roof

This easy folding roof is designed with circle profiles.

It is secured with a solid screw to prevent sudden folding occurrence.

  • Coffee Machine with Bolts

The coffee machine with bolts is formed to increase safety and stability.

  • Storage Cabinet

The coffee bike is also designed with a 760x850x70 h dimension. 

It has a front opening that can hold your products and supplies.

  • Master Key

Using a master key, opening all cabinets is possible.

  • Built-in Sink

Having a built-in sink is essential for washing hands and accessories.

It also has a refillable water container with a filtering valve placed below the bike.

Where Can We Commonly Find a Coffee Bike?

Anywhere there is foot activity, a coffee bike can thrive.

Below are some places where coffee bikes are ideal.

  • Outdoor events
  • Sports centers
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Parking Lots
  • Touristic locations
  • Industrial estates
  • Business parks
  • University campuses
  • Stadiums
  • Farmer markets
  • Lobbies of hospitals and hotels
  • Airports or railroad stations
  • Universities and colleges school
  • Office buildings
  • Boardwalks and beaches
  • Special events like concerts, fairs, and wedding parties


Figure-2 Coffee Bike

Figure-2 Coffee Bike

What are the Advantages of Having a Coffee Bike Business?

Starting up a coffee business using a bike has a lot of advantages, including:

  1. Flexibility and portability
  2. Trending coffee business
  3. Not only seasonal product
  4. Inexpensive start-up costs
  5. Increased profit margins

How Is a Coffee Bike Powered?

The coffee bike is easy to operate. The coffee bike is usually designed with attached generators.

Just push the bottom for power supply adjustments.

The baristas operate from the bike’s saddle, their feet on the pedals when the coffee bike is parked and ready to serve.

Can You Set Up a Coffee Bike Anywhere?

Yes, you can. The coffee bike is designed with mobility that can be set up anywhere.

You can decide or schedule your weekly location for increased sales and customers.

Because you need to be able to move your cart in and out of place to be cleaned regularly, size is a consideration.

Figure-3 Coffee Bike

Figure-3 Coffee Bike

What are the Power Options for Mobile Coffee-Bike?

You’ll need to pick a location where your coffee bike will have access to electricity.

The power from a coffee bike comes from different sources, including:

  • Propane
  • Generator
  • Utility connection

Is the Coffee-Bike Safe for our Health?

The coffee bike, especially with stainless steel sink, reaches the health and safety requirement standards.

They must also obey health and safety regulations and be evaluated on a regular basis.

What Made You Decide to Invest in Coffee-Bike?

Several things will influence where you put your time and effort.

  • The amount of money you’ll need to invest
  • The place or locations where you want to do business
  • Water and electricity availability
  • The quantity of accessible space
  • The sorts of beverages or foods that you want to sell

What is the Best Way to Start a Coffee Bike Shop?

Starting a coffee bike shop: 8 Steps to success.

1. Make a Financial Plan.

While the costs of the coffee bike have been the most apparent expenditure, you must also consider other elements. 

2. Obtain a Business License.

This is what distinguishes your operation as official and legitimate.

The prerequisites for obtaining a license differ from one state to the next.

3. Obtain the Required License.

You must get a business license in the same way you must register your company.

4. Purchase your coffee bike.

You’ve registered your company and got your business license.

It’s finally time to get a coffee bike in your hands.

5. Investigates the Product.

Investigate the most up-to-date methods and innovation for the most excellent coffee.

Discover flavored coffees that will create high-quality, tasty coffee.

6. Collect the necessary supplies.

 A coffee bike shop will require the same items and resources as any other coffee shop, despite its modest size.

7. Choose your staff.

In terms of personnel, the size and complexity of your coffee bike will define the number of people you’ll need.

8. Begin Your Promotions.

You may also start by creating various social media profiles on different platforms to guarantee that you have a consistent online presence.

This will help you to interact with potential consumers and develop your brand more effectively.

What are those Coffee-Bike Models?

  • Classical coffee-bike
  • Functional three-wheel coffee-bike
  • Street vending mobile luxury coffee-bike

Figure-4 Coffee Bike

Figure-4 Coffee Bike


If you’ve wanted to own a coffee bike shop, now is the moment to make that happen.

You won’t have to worry about the practicalities of having a physical storefront when you create a coffee bike shop.

Alternatively, you can concentrate on what matters most: providing your clients with the most excellent coffee imaginable.

If you analyzed the facts and data offered here, you made a perfectly rational choice. After reading this FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Guide. 

Choose the best-suited coffee bike for your coffee bike shop based on your choice requirements.

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