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Motrike- Your Premier Cargo Velo Manufacturer

Motrike is an experienced company in manufacturing a full range of cargo velo. Using our knowledge and skills, we are able to develop cargo velo that features premium quality and outstanding performance. Our company offers the perfect solutions for your cargo velo at affordable prices.

Why Motrike Cargo Velo

  • Premium quality cargo velo at competitive prices
  • Outstanding after-sale services on trike metal frame
  • Strict quality control on cargo velo
  • 10-year warranty services of your order

Quality Cargo Velo Manufacturing

Motrike has all the capabilities to produce world-class quality cargo velo. For over 18 years, we have developed and supplied the best quality cargo velo. Our company has received positive feedback from our customers in 80+ different countries.

Motrike is producing all types of cargo velo for you to choose from. We can provide a fully customized cargo velo equipped with your chosen specifications. We can help you find your cargo velo for personal use and for business. Just send us your inquiries anytime!

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  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

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Motrike Cargo Velo

Motrike is an experienced manufacturer of cargo velo in China. Our cargo velo offers sustainable mobility to all your customers around the world. Our product is perfect for any purpose and available in perfect condition.

Motrike cargo velo features safety and comfort. It is designed using our knowledge and innovative ideas. We want to provide cargo velo that will surely showcase your company and brand in both domestic and international markets.

Depending on your customer’s demands, we can provide this cargo velo in custom designs. We can change every part and component to fit your customer’s tastes.

We can provide you cargo velo used for cities and used for countrysides. Motrike holds a large product line for cargo velo. We can guarantee you that we have your ideal cago velo. With Motrike, all your solutions are provided at reasonable prices.

The designs and styles of our cargo velo are based on what is needed in the market. We keep on developing the latest cargo velo equipped with modern designs, colors, and printings.

Our cargo velo is the perfect flexible and fast alternative to motorized transport that your customer needs. You can give them assurance that our cargo velo is sustainable ad reliable. It can carry anything and can travel anywhere. Our cargo velo will definitely reach the highest expectations of your customers.

Motrike cargo velo is already tested in durability and performance. This product is assembled and adjusted in the factory before delivery to ensure that your customers will have their ideal cargo velo. Our company has strict quality control to make sure that each cargo velo we produce will meet your standards.

Over decades, we have distributed cargo velo in 80+ different countries around the world. Motrike has distributed products to countries like Germany, US, Denmark, UK, etc. We can guarantee you that our cargo velo is what you are looking for.

For over 18 years, our company has been manufacturing cargo velo. We already know all the techniques and skills needed to produce top quality cargo velo.

Motrike can offer you outstanding cargo velo along with the greatest deals. You can check the product’s quality by ordering 1 cargo velo. We are positive that you will have more orders to come.

Motrike is your ultimate solution provider for cargo velo. If you want to know more about our company and products we can provide the specific information that you need for your ideal product.

Just send your inquiries now and have a fast-growing business!

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