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Settling with a well-experienced and trusted cargo cycle manufacturer will be your best decision. In short, settle with Motrike! We are 18+ years experienced manufacturer and skilled enough to develop standard or custom designs of cargo cycles. All the products at Motrike feature outstanding performance and premium quality. If you settle with us, we will always make you satisfied! Reach out to us now.

Why Motrike Cargo Cycles

  • Surprisingly durable cargo cycles 
  • Complete selections at a competitive price
  • Provides satisfying after-sale services
  • Long-term warranty services for each product

Quality Cargo Cycles Manufacturing

Throughout 18+ years in the industry, Motrike has become more knowledgeable to manufacture different cargo cycles with your exact design. During the production, we use our modern manufacturing equipment. So that, Motrike has become well-reputed and receives good comments from our clients worldwide.

Motrike cargo cycles are available in different standard or custom designs, sizes, and styles. We can also adjust other parts of the product to fit your application.

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  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

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Motrike Cargo Cycles

Motrike is a trusted bike shop specializing in different types of cargo cycles. We offered climate-friendly cargo cycles, human-powered or electric-operated. Motrike is one of the largest cargo cycles manufacturer in the world, engaged in cargo bike servicing for more than 18 years.

With our passionate staff and engineers, we can manufacture the highest quality of cargo cycles. These are available in standard or custom designs. The custom designs are made upon the customers` specific requirements.

Motrike Cargo cycles are particularly used to cart kids or pets and perfect for outdoor trips. They are easy to drive especially with electric motor assistance. In fact, cargo cycles are a competitive substitute for any car.

Our cargo cycles have the capacity to carry some sort of stuff weighing up to 100 kgs. Thus, cargo cycles are designed with 2 or 3 wheels. Depending on your request, we can add a long rack behind or a box in front. It`s also up to you for an electric motor addition. All these essential additions to your cargo cycle orders are guaranteed to perfection. Choose Motrike to handle the entire processing for you.  No worries because our goal is to always make you satisfied.

There are plenty of advantages you will get when you choose cargo cycles for your personal or business applications. One of that is the cost, insurance, and maintenance is expected lower compared to cars.

Motrike Cargo cycles are made to fit your budget, plus it brings numerous benefits for operators` health. Especially, if you choose the human-powered one, no pollutants and also you can save money since you won`t need fuels.

Only at Motrike, you will get perfect condition cargo cycles which is ideal for different purpose and carrying uses. The rider`s or passengers` comfort and safety is what we mind in processing cargo cycles. For business addition, we also promise our range of products will increase your profits.

For many years, we have exported cargo cycles in 80+ countries across the world. Motrike exported products to the US, Germany, UK, Denmark, and other countries. We can guarantee timely delivery for your orders.

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