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Motrike provides a full variation of cargo bikes and ships them across Denmark, the US, Germany, etc. In actual fact, we can provide door-to-door shipments depending on our customers` requests. With the Motrike cargo bike, you will successfully boost your business. Send us now your inquiries.

Why Motrike Cargo Bike

  • 18+ years of production experience
  • Door-to-door shipment
  • Confirmed high-quality cargo bikes
  • Provided with safety features

Quality Cargo Bike Manufacturing

Motrike is well-experienced enough in developing cargo bikes with amazing features. We can produce different cargo bike designs to increase your market sales. Our company has the latest production system that empowers us to satisfy every customer`s needs.

Each Motrike cargo bike incorporates durability, ease of use, and large cargo capacity, capable of bolstering your business’s efficiency while minimizing your carbon footprint. And don’t just take our word for it; many of our satisfied customers have seen significant growth in their productivity with our cargo bikes.

Motrike Cargo Bike in action
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Motrike-Your Trusted Cargo Bike Provider in China

Looking for perfect transport when running errands, need to haul groceries or any carrying purposes? Cargo bikes made by Motrike are available in different types. Combining the health benefits and great purpose in carrying heavy cargo, the Motrike cargo bike is perfect to choose.

Motrike Cargo bikes quickly gaining popularity in the international market. Due to great features, businesses that need cargo carriers in urgent mostly prefer this one. Motrike is your best supplier at the same time the best manufacturer for sturdier cargo bikes.

Our cargo bikes are designed sturdier in order to carry large and heavy loads. These bikes vary in shapes and sizes, are available in 2-3 wheels, and usually have a longer wheelbase than other bikes. It can also be electric or non-electric with pedal assists to transport huge loads easier and more comfortable.

At Motrike, you can also choose standard cargo bikes or custom options. If you choose custom, we need your specific design details to fit your carrying demands. We also have the capacity to add panniers, rain covers, child bike seats, or boxes in your cargo bike orders if you like.

Why buy a cargo bike? Complete selections of cargo bikes in the Motrike have unbeatable sturdiness. With its high sturdiness level, you can carry or haul more stuff without experiencing troubles. It has the capacity to carry up to a few hundred pounds of cargo.

Motrike cargo bikes are commonly used in delivery services, food marketing such as ice cream bikes, carrying trade tools, mail delivery, airport cargo control, etc.

Motrike is a company specialized in producing loads carrier bikes, including cargo bikes. This is being manufactured intended for industries that need faster cargo transport.

Special thanks to our professional manufacturing staff, who are willing to follow your customization designs and needs.  Motrike is a one-stop shop providing all variations of cargo bikes at a reasonable price.

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Cargo Bike: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to learn more factual information about the Cargo Bike?

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide is what you need at this peak of time.

It certainly gives your precise, satisfying, and high-referential responses for all your Cargo Bike-related questions.

Each section of this FAQ Guide comprises the essential detail about Cargo Bike.

Be patient and enjoy reading!

What is a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is defined as a “box-bike style” capable of carrying small, light, large, or heavy loads.

It comes from innovative, versatile styles and forms which are perfect in any cycling operation. 

It is suitable for all families who practice by themselves to reduce the use of cars and to commute.

There is a lot of personal fondness for using and riding on cargo bikes since it gives an equal and stable riding experience. 

Cargo Bike

Figure-1 Cargo Bike

What is a Cargo Bike Used For?

A cargo bike unusually named as “bakfiets.” One of its everyday purposes is to give the coziest transportation and rides to all youngsters.

It is capable of traveling along any routes and avenues easily and rapidly.  

However, cargo bikes are mainly used as alternative transportation in a particular city. 

Since it is flexibly associated with quick groceries, items transport, fun, and delightful cycling rides. 

What are the Different Models of Cargo Bike?

  • Electric-assist classic cargo bike
  • Kids cargo bike
  • Luxury round box cargo bike
  • Pedal-electric bakfiets cargo bike for family
  • Small box mini cargo bike

Are Cargo Bikes Safer than Regular Bikes?

Yes. Riding cargo bikes is safer compared to regular cycles.

Regular bikes seem to be prone to inevitable failures and accidents.

On the other hand, cargo bikes feature balanced, stable, and long-lasting configurations.

It has all the components and protection that make it reliably safe and visibly absent on regular cycles.

Is it Difficult to Ride a Cargo Bike?

All types of cargo bikes create straightforward operations.

It is highly comfortable to perform in any riding application.

What are the Certain Different Types of Cargo Bikes?

Cargo bikes come with explicitly diverse configurations.

It has specific typical types that relate to the number of its wheels.

1. 2-wheels Cargo Bike

A two-wheel cargo bike has some similarities with the standard bikes.

It gives you a more manageable and elegant cycling experience. It has a box that securely accommodates four children with safety belts. 

2. 3-wheels Cargo Bike

This type of cargo bike gains heavier weight and slow-moving rides.

It mainly gives the most comfort and extra stability. 

Cargo Bike

Figure-2 Cargo Bike

Are Cargo Bikes Safe for all Children?

The benefits of using a cargo bike are visible to every individual. 

When a cargo bike has a secure space, and equipped seat belt system, and other system gear, a cargo bike is safe enough for all children. 

Where Can I Use a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is quietly getting famous in certain cities, making it the core model of transportation.

Here are the different applications where cargo bikes use:

  • It is helpful to haul different weights of loads.
  • It is practical transportation for all families and young kiddos.
  • It is beneficial for groceries.

Is it Worth It to Get a Cargo Bike?

Yes. There are real situational reasons that cargo is worthwhile. 

Aside from giving fun and enjoyment, a cargo bike is one of the practical transportation options for all consumers.

It saves time, especially for transporting stuff, belongings, groceries, and doing simple occupational chores. 

How to Ride on a Cargo Bike?

Riding on a cargo bike is different from depending on a regular cycle, and it is not as difficult as you think.

The following cargo bike riding tips are per the intended safety of all riders and passengers:

  • Safety. 

Putting a reflective sticker into your cargo bike is highly advantageous, especially in darker areas. 

Keep your children away from any danger while riding a cargo bike.

They are forbidden to stand while the cargo bike is running, do not let their hands get out of the box nor reach the spokes.

Avoid stopping your cargo bike next closely to any vehicles that emit unpleasant smog.

  • Speed.

Make yourself prevented in any accident and collision. Lower the driving speed of a cargo bike.

  • Deceleration.

It requires gaining enough power in reducing the speed or braking a cargo bike.

  • Turning.

It recommends taking up enough space if ever you are turning your cargo bikes.

This probably helps in preventing hijacking, collisions with other transportation, or accidents. 

  • Weight. 

The overall weight of a cargo bike is heavier in comparison with regular cycles.

Having a piece of overloaded luggage is possible to have slow and difficult cycling.

As much as possible, make your cargo boxes lighter. 

  • Ingress and Egress. 

A cargo bike creates the safest lane that allows your children to comfortably get in and out of the cycle.

  • Confidence. 

Make sure to be familiar with all the single components of your cargo bike.

Study their function, test the riding stability of your cargo bike while practicing it. 

Cargo Bike

Figure-2 Cargo Bike

What is the Proper Way to Maintain Your Cargo Bike?

You do not have to spend lots of money to hire a mechanic to check and maintain the conditions of your cargo bikes.

You can support it by doing it by yourself. 

Checking and maintaining your cargo bikes takes time to ensure their constant and stable operation.

The following steps probably aid with this matter:

  • You have cleansed all the single parts of your cargo bike more often.

It must always be dry to prevent possible rust, corrosion, and deterioration. 

  • Inspect the conditions of all the tires, whether it is inflated accurately or not.

All the tires need to be checked since they always carry light to heavy loads.

Having well-conditioned and accurately inflated tires will prevent the direct damages of the cargo bike like fenders and spoke.

However, it also makes your pedaling easier and lighter. 

  • Maintain to lubricate/grease the chains and all components.

It enables you to prevent your cargo bikes from rusting.

Putting sufficient lubricate to all chains and components will lead to more accessible and faster cycling operations.  

  • Fastening and screwing up all bolts.

Due to quivering, bolts may lose their attachment.

It is vital that you properly tighten all bolts to prevent them from falling off.

Check all the necessary parts of the cargo bike, including its brake, gear, steering wheels, pedals, chains, brackets, etc.

What are the Different Styles of Cargo Bikes?

There are different styles of cargo bikes: the front-load trike, the longtail, and the mid-tail.

1. Front Load Trike Cargo Bike

A front-load trike is much heavier compared to other styles.

It is a perfect selection for all parents who desire constant and coziest cycling operations.

2. Longtail Cargo Bike

The longtail cargo bike is considered the most lightweight cargo bike style.

It can fit one to three young kiddos and light gears.

3. Mid-Tail Cargo Bike

A mid-tail cargo bike seems to be shorter compared to a longtail cargo bike.

Though it is not intended for extended families, it is best for faster and straightforward storing, transporting, and operating. 

Cargo Bike

Figure-4 Cargo Bike

What Good Benefits that Cargo Bike Brings?

i. Environmentally-Friendly

Carbon bikes do not emit waste and pollute smoke and smog. 

ii. Builds up Better Mobility

A cargo bike provides the simplest, straightforward, and enjoyable cycling transportation for families and children.

It is a practical way to decrease the spending cost for cars and to commute. 

iii. Frees Up Traveling Duration Time

Riding on a cargo bike makes you less susceptible to any traffic and busy roads.

You can easily reach your location where you are going.

iv. Convenient for any Business Platform

Using your intelligence, you can customize your cargo bike and turn it into display carts for your start-up business.

v. Cost-Effective

The price of cargo bike is determined by its quality and appearance. 

But you can be sure it is cost-effective.


As you read the entire content of this FAQ Guide, you can now clearly determine all facts about the Cargo Bike. 

It stated above that a Cargo Bike is a practical transportation alternative usually used to haul, transport, and carry loads.

Moreover, it also gives a fun and delightful cycling experience to all extended families and youngster kiddos.

Understanding all facts and evidence you read above will certainly aid you in making the best decisions for yourself and your families. 

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