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Motrike - Your Trusted Bike Taxi Manufacturer

Motrike professionally manufactures accessible and comfortable bike taxis. We assure you a safe ride with this bike taxi we are introducing. Bike taxis manufactured by Motrike are secured by seat belts in every passenger. We design our bike taxi according to the safety of the passengers.

Why Motrike Bike Taxi

  • Smooth drive bike taxis
  • Safe and secure vehicle for long drives
  • Made by capable workers
  • Bike taxi that fits on your budget

Quality Bike Taxi Manufacturing

Motrike is your seasoned manufacturer that still upgraded the bike taxis offered. We have extreme knowledge designing and fabricating these valuable bike taxis. We applied our know-how to create best performing bike taxis for you. Purchasing a bike taxi from Motrike can help you delight your business.

We are your one of a kind manufacturer that you can always rely on. You can get an excellent quality bike taxi from Motrike. We operate strict quality analysis in every part of the bike taxi we are selling.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Bike Taxi

Motrike is very professional in creating the best design and durability of our offered vehicles including the most in demand bike taxi. Its persistence satisfies your operation and drives on it. We guarantee you comfortable seats and flexible positions on bike taxis.

Our company can manufacture different styles and colors of bike taxis you like. It’s our pleasure to provide you with enjoyable rides by our bike taxi. Motrike bike taxis are the best alternative to public transport. A lot of business owners also use apps that passengers easily call for easy and quick travel.

Motrike made it harmless, inexpensive and much convenient. The bike taxis are perfect for travelling over limited distances and the best solution to your problem. These bike taxis can easily move through trafics. Compared to cars, bike taxis can offer you cheaper fares considering its low cost compositions.

The Motrike bike taxi also helps reduce pollution for the reason that it only gets rid of less amount of carbon dioxide. There are a lot of benefits using our introduced bike taxi. You can also get it with a low cost but in a high-quality performance. We are your manufacturer that can supply you with the exact bike taxi you want.

This new normal situation because of the pandemic, our bike taxis are in demand. By using apps, customers can easily get a ride to the office or anywhere you are going in a safe way of transporting. And a lot of transportation companies preferred to use our very own bike taxis. It is our honor to serve you and provide all your demands related to bike taxis.

Motrike is glad to be your partners as a consistent supplier for your expanding business. Only high-grade bike taxis are what we are offering. Best drives are what you can experience on our bike taxis. It helps you make things easier the whole day. Morike sincerely gives the best features when manufacturing it.

Don’t hesitate sending us your preferred bike taxi details, and you can expect quick feedback from us. We can give you full support and guidance from choosing the best one to processing your orders. And from processing to transporting it to you safely without any damage.

Motrike is your all time manufacturer that you can always trust anytime. We are keeping up our excellent works and services for the benefit of our customers. Passengers never regret choosing Motrike bike taxis for you can surely have your protected type of vehicle.

We are always open for your anytime questions and requested bike taxis. We have hardworking staff that are giving full effort just to give your selected model of bike taxis. We are very confident to deal with our manufactured models of bike taxis nationwide. It is also applicable at any area you want to ride.

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