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Get bicycle trikes from your expert and popular supplier in China. Motrike is a leading supplier offering complete bicycle trike selections that can lower your cost since it is attainable at lower prices. Motrike effective solutions can help your business get high-quality bicycle trikes easier and fast.

Why Motrike Bicycle Trikes

  • 18 years of expertise in bicycle trikes
  • Custom designs base on your sent drawings
  • Offer long life span and warranty
  • Warmly welcome all types of orders quantity

Quality Bicycle Trikes Manufacturing

Choosing the right supplier and manufacturer for your bicycle trikes has a great advantage for your business. You can easily get what you desired for your orders, ensure the best quality, friendly customer services, and most important is we have complete facilities for quality production.

Motrike is manufacturing bicycle trikes with high-tech machines and all equipment for different processes. Our staffs from different production areas are highly trained and hardworking. Trust our quality bicycle trike since it is manufactured using our finest material and popular spare parts tested by big-time clients worldwide.

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  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Why Bicycle Trike for Sale

If you are looking for a long-term and professional bicycle trike supplier and manufacturer in China, Motrike provides a lot of selections and products worldwide.

Motrike bicycle trike is widely used for those who need extra support. We manufactured a lot of designs and offer numerous options for our bicycle trike stocks. We have a bicycle trike for adults and kids with many selections from colors, sizes, designs, and styles. We have unique selections that meet all customers’ choices base on their taste.

Motrike manufactured bicycle trike base on different customer’s choices. We ensure to use safety and durable materials especially spare parts for your bicycle trike. We ensure all have passed the qualifications for every user’s safety.

Motrike bicycle trike is a three-wheeled tricycle with one wheel in the front and two wheels behind it. The seats are adjustable with foldable back support.

Motrike is an experienced supplier and manufacturer with more than 18 years of different recumbent trikes and other related trikes like bicycle trike. You can request and send your ideal bicycle trike designs and other options.

Send your inquiries directly to Motrike. We have friendly customer service to assist your faster process and provide complete information for you.

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