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Motrike produces a lot of models of bicycle rickshaw that is one of the most useful vehicles even in this period of time. This bicycle rickshaw is also capable, especially for the elderly. Enjoy the unique riding performance of this bicycle rickshaw offered by Motrike.

Why Motrike Bicycle Rickshaw

  • Composed of well functioned brakes
  • Equipped with adjustable footplate
  • Bicycle rickshaw with high-durability
  • Negotiable cost bicycle rickshaw

Quality Bicycle Rickshaw Manufacturing

Motrike is an exceptional manufacturer of excellent quality bicycle rickshaws in China. Our offered high-conditioned bicycle rickshaw is also relevant and applicable to the places you are right now. It helps you avoid traffic and makes your drives more accessible.

Therefore, if you are seeking a useful vehicle especially for seniors, the Motrike bicycle rickshaw is perfect for you. We design it with flexible back lean and comfortable seats. You will never get worried because we made it with seat belts to assure the safety of your passengers. Choose from our wide selection of models now!

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike Bicycle Rickshaw

Motrike always makes sure that our offered bicycle rickshaw is in good condition. The safety of our customers and passengers are our priority. We have strict rules followed when forming and assembling parts and controls of the said bicycle rickshaw. We can give you manuals on how to exactly operate this bicycle rickshaw.

Bicycle rickshaw we are presenting is very popular not just in China but also in other countries. We have a huge production of different models of bicycle rickshaw that is suitable for your applications. This type of vehicle is applicable usually in short distances or in just residential streets.

This Motrike bicycle rickshaw is also capable of carrying heavy things that cannot be handled by hands. It is our responsibility to provide you with a safe and enduring quality of vehicles like bicycle rickshaw. We made it with advantageous features for our drivers. Motrike has well trained workers that can fully manufacture bicycle rickshaws according to its purpose.

Motrike totally supports your bicycle rickshaw related business until you achieve your desired improvements. We are expert enough to trust on your high-quality bicycle rickshaw conditions. We conduct different quality check ups before we add it to our offered selection of bicycle rickshaw.

Keep on trusting Motrike for every vehicle you desire to operate, especially bicycle rickshaw. Considering that we are composed of professional engineers and personnels, you can surely have your own bicycle rickshaw for a short period of processing your order.

Motrike is a well known manufacturer that really satisfies customers’ standards on performances of offered vehicles especially bicycle rickshaw. We offer it with competitive costs that surely into your budgets. You will surely be convinced if your order is yours from Motrike.

The bicycle rickshaw we are introducing is very effective even for your small life support business. A lot of our customers keep on ordering us different models of bicycle rickshaw and are gratified with its benefits. You can also have your own bicycle rickshaw, just let us know your preferred models and specifications.

Motrike has handled a lot of successful importing ang transporting such in demand vehicles as the bicycle rickshaw. We are much encouraged to supply more high-quality bicycle rickshaws because of your trust and appreciation for our products. Please feel free to communicate with us if you are interested with our offered bicycle rickshaw.

We are willing to give you more information about bicycle rickshaws. Motrike teams are active to assist you until you receive it at our agreed time and place. We have 24/7 active sales staff who are friendly and approachable to accommodate your inquiries and questions.

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