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Motrike- Your Trusted Beverage Vending Cart Manufacturer

Trust Motrike to get high-class beverage vending carts in China. Motrike has 18 years of manufacturing experience supplying affordable beverage vending carts and related products. We can lower your cost and supply your small quantity orders. We fully provide solutions for your special requirements.

Why Motrike Beverage Vending Cart

  • Intelligent beverage vending carts designs
  • All beverage vending carts models at affordable cost
  • Fast production and quality fabrication controls for your beverage vending carts
  • 10 years warranty for your beverage vending carts

Quality Beverage Vending Cart Manufacturing

Motrike manufactured beverage vending carts at plenty selections to meet your demands and business requirements. Our beverage vending carts are made of top-class materials and known spare parts and other parts such as seats, box made of wood and other suitable materials, pedal, frames, brake cable, mirrors, handles, and more.

We, Motrike ensure satisfying services since 2013 in the industry. Our complete facilities covered with convenient space. Our manufacturing staffs undergo training. Motrike is your premier choice in running a business.

  • Recumbent Trike manufacturing
  • Recumbent Trike factory
  • Recumbent Trike frame manufacturing

Recumbent Trike design

Motrike-Your Reliable Beverage Vending Cart Manufacturer

Planning to purchase small orders or bulk orders of beverage vending carts in China? Still searching for a reliable and well-trusted supplier in China? Well, Motrike can meet all your worries.

Motrike is a popular and professional beverage vending carts supplier in China that belongs to many certified manufacturers and suppliers internationally. We can supply your needs such as a beverage vending cart for your business.

Motrike beverage vending carts are a very cool factor suitable for any location especially in public areas. This is perfect for outdoor spaces such as schools, parks, hospitals, and any public areas. This is also suitable for indoor applications such as supermarkets, food courts, canteen, and any public areas indoor.

We can design your beverage vending cart orders according to your designs. You can request your ideal materials for panels, seats, wheels, canopies, and more. It can be made of stainless steel panels, wooden, mesh seat, cushion, wheels set like wheels with rims and spokes, PVC canopies, fiber, etc.

Motrike beverage vending carts can be towed by different types of bikes and can be pushcarts or what we call universal beverage vending carts equipped with handlebars. Motrike beverage vending carts are the affordable perfect solution for your budget-saving purchase. It is perfect for any type of business suitable for rooftop bars, drinks display, wines, and so on.

Motrike beverage vending carts are widely customizable available in many selections such as folding and extendable countertops and installed with fridge and cup dispenser. You can always demand what you wished for your beverage vending carts orders. You can demand your desired colors, sizes, shapes, and styles that suit your business.

You can purchase our beverage vending carts in many sizes and standards versions. You can choose XL beverage vending carts with wider interior compartments. It has bigger space for your drinks and other things and equipment to use for your business.

There are different features we proudly offer for beverage vending carts. Motrike beverage vending carts have folding roofs, stainless steel countertops and extendable, economic handlebar, sliding panels for advertising, interior storage compartments, Locking system, storage compartments, water tanks, durable alloy wheels, and third wheel for stationary mode. Motrike can offer a lot of advantages and benefits for your business.

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