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Motrike - Your Best 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Bike Manufacturer

Motrike has more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying 3 wheel e-cargo bikes. We are focus to supply a huge variety of e-cargo bikes in multiple designs, colors, sizes, and printing options. If you are looking for a perfect solution for residential or commercial use, Motrike is your #1 source.

Why Motrike 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Bike

  • More than 18 years of manufacturing experience
  • Fast production time; within 2 weeks
  • Rigorous manufacturing control of your 3 wheels electric cargo bike
  • 10 years warranty of bike metal frame

Quality 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Bike Manufacturing

Motrike manufacture 3 wheel electric cargo bike using spare parts and bike accessories from top-leading brands., DAPU, Shimano, Avid, Schwalbe, etc. We will select the best supplier to ensure your bike spare parts are durable and reliable.

Together with professional design team, we can offer perfect product for your needs. We can also tailored bike design according to your preference. Plus, before leaving the factory, the 3 wheel e-cargo bike are assembled and adjust to ensure you get quality unit.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Bike

Motrike is a professional 3 wheel electric cargo bike manufacturer in China. We are offering a wide variety of three-wheel cargo bikes complete with a holographic display. You can find this type of e-bike ideal for young and adults.

We have 3 wheel cargo bike for sale available for business and individual needs. Motrike is your ideal solution for the heavy-duty e-cargo bike. We built this bike to satisfy the demands of the logistics industry.

Motrike offers 3 wheels electric cargo bike fit for a wide range of applications. It can be used as commercial transport vehicles, light exercise tools, personal use for commutes, and mobility support for elders and persons with disabilities.

We have different types of 3 wheels electric cargo bikes., battery-operated, rechargeable, etc. It comes in multiple selections of colors, and specifications. It can meet high technical expectations. Whether you want to use it for recreational or commercial use, Motrike 3 wheel e-cargo bike can satisfy your needs.

If you want more fun and environmental-friendly alternative to mobility, this is your best choice. We manufacture 3 wheel e-cargo bike with unique features. It comes with high-quality wheels, lights, displays, comfortable grips, disc brakes, pedals for the manual option.

Some of 3 wheels electric cargo bikes contain storage compartments and additional baskets providing space for extra groceries. You can find multiple options preferred for your product.

Moreover, you can make a choice for the design based on your specifications. You can message us about your trike needs and we will make it. We have a professional design team to fulfill your particular requirements.

Motrike 3 wheel electric cargo bikes are available at the best wholesale price. These products have been sold to international markets., over 80 countries. We have dealers from Germany, Spain, Norway, the US, Netherlands, Germany, and so on.

We can also provide customized service for your 3 wheels electric cargo bike. Under strict quality production control, we can ensure that your bike spare parts are durable and sturdy.

At Motrike, we use quality spare parts for your trike development. We only choose top brands like Avid, Shimano, Bafang, Schwalbe, etc. These spare parts brands have an excellent reputation in the cycling field. If you need replacement, you can source easily in your local store.

We provide 10 years of warranty service for the metal frame of our trikes. There is a step-by-step video guide provided and a detailed manual for usage and maintenance tips.

For more information regarding Motrike 3 wheel electric cargo bike, please feel free to get in touch with us at your preferred time.

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