2 Wheel Recumbent Bike

Motrike – Your Professional Manufacturer of High-quality 2 Wheel Recumbent Bike

Motrike is the most popular manufacturer of high-quality 2 wheel recumbent bike in China. We offer advanced and high-tech 2 wheel recumbent bike with modular design. Our wide range of products will surely meet your needs.

Why Motrike 2-Wheel Recumbent Bike

  • 18+ years of experience in manufacturing 2-wheel recumbent bike
  • Long term warranty for spare parts and frame
  • Full choices of 2-wheel recumbent bike with modular designs
  • Low MOQ and flexible payment method

Quality 2-Wheel Recumbent Bike Manufacturing

Motrike has a rich experience in manufacturing 2-wheel recumbent bike. For more than 18 years, Motrike has been taking advantage of high technology to manufacture the most innovative 2-wheel recumbent bike.

Motrike is well-quipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and equipment. We have an expert recumbent engineers to design and develop superior quality 2-wheel recumbent bikes. Motrike is committed to giving excellent engineering, outstanding support, and quality.

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Recumbent Trike design

Motrike – China’s Leading 2-Wheel Recumbent Bike Manufacturer

Motrike is a professional manufacturer of 2-wheel recumbent bike for more than 18 years. With our years of experience, we have gained a strong reputation as a trusted manufacturer. At Motrike, we are committed to delivering comfortable and fast 2-wheel recumbent bikes.

As a professional manufacturer, we offer a wide range of 2-wheel recumbent bikes. Thus, you can easily find the right product that will suit your preference. We offer 2-wheel recumbent bikes for sports, commuting, and folding.

Here at Motrike, we manufacture 2-wheel recumbent bikes with unique and modular designs. We offer you 2-wheel recumbent bikes with special characteristics. Motrike also offer customization. Just send us your requirements or special requests.

Motrike specially designed 2-wheel recumbent bikes with back support. Therefore, you can still focus on peddling and on the road while making your ride enjoyable and efficient. Aside from that, our 2-wheel recumbent bikes guarantee a safety ride.

Other Beneficial Features of Motrike 2-Wheel Recumbent Bike

  • Superior aerodynamics
  • Considerably reduces drag
  • Improves efficiency
  • More stable
  • Better visibility
  • More comfortable
  • Easy to mount and dismount

Surely, you can find an excellent 2-wheel recumbent bikes at Motrike. If you need more information about our products, kindly send us your inquiries. We are always willing t provide you 24/7 technical assistance. We also offer competitive prices, excellent customer services, and low MOQ to support your business.

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